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We provide meticulous services, specific quality, clean packaging with on-time delivery. – Factory production, clean packaging, caution loading the goods into the transport vessel, keeping the goods transported to the shipping site. Our frozen chickens are all specially slaughtered according to Islamic (halal) and international requirements. All shipments from our products to delivery ports are quality inspected with a fully customized approval policy for all goods on board the insured and covered by an insurance policy. Chicken strips;

1.Frozen whole chicken

2.Serve frozen chicken

3. Frozen chicken paws

4. Frozen chicken breast

5. Frozen chicken thighs

6. Frozen chicken drum 7. Frozen chicken leg

8. Frozen chicken wings

9. Chicken gizzards

10. Decent liver 11.


Boneeles skinless chicken fillets, and all other chicken parts Detailed Description: – Washed and clean. – without the yellow skin. – No feathers. – It doesn’t smell bad. – No blood. No bruises. – No black pads. No traces of deep carved wounds. Do not burn ammonia. Broken bones: less than 3%. Moisture content: less than 1%. Drainage: 0 to -5 ° C for 8 hours. – Swipe at: -40 ° C. – Storage at: -18 ° C – 100% fresh and frozen Safe for human consumption Storage, loading and transportation system. Store it in cold roomsFor early dispatch or frozen and stored for dispatch as required Loading is done in refrigerated pallets, each pallet contains 1MT / 1000KG. Our packaging method, protects the product from contamination, damage and moisture lossAnd spoilage by microorganisms as customers require, product: Processed grade “A” frozen chicken feet and feet Quality: Grade A average foot weight: 40 -60 grams / piece Average foot length: 12-18 cm / piece average Weight Paw: 35-60g / piece Average length of paws: 10 – 15 cm / piece Size: 35-65 g Specifications Appearance condition: Clean No feathers No bad smell No blood No black pad No bruise No chemical burns Broken Bones Less than 3% moisture Less than 1% chicken feet pad retention and without damage Frozen requirements: Blast frozen at -40 ° C Stored at -18o C For more details, don’t contact us for specific guest

Halal Processing: The best of Best Brazilian chicken Online for the Muslim World. Alexander Morris, chief President of the Best Brazilian chicken Online Producers and exporters affiliation (aBeF).

Best Brazilian chicken Online began trading eggs, chicken and frozen meat right around 30 years prior, when they had left on a course that would lead it to turning into the world’s third biggest maker and greatest exporter of this significant creature protein. Furthermore, the main shipments of Best Brazilian chicken Online were bound to nations ​in the Muslim locale, no less. Today it is an extraordinary wellspring of pride for Best Brazilian Chicken Online to have the Muslim market as one of its biggest chicken and meat customers.

In 2013 for example, we delivered 1.72 million tons to Middle East business sectors alone. This addressed practically 39% of Best Brazilian chicken Online meat traded during the year. ​During the ‘Quick’ of Ramadan, for instance, it is regular to see Best Brazilian chicken Online meat on the tables of Muslim buyers. Uncommon items, for example, the griller and the shawarma are broadly preferred.

The predominant quality and high clean principles of Best Brazilian Chicken Online meat have obviously been significant differentials in making this progress. In any case, it is likewise certain that we would not have overcome much notwithstanding the greatness and severity with which our chicken makers and exporters do the halal custom, so Muslim purchasers can feel totally good with Best Brazilian Chicken Online items.

Best Brazilian Chicken Online meat packers have been exceptionally set up to butcher poultry and other meat items as per Islamic standards. These techniques are continually checked by experts from confirmation bodies that are completely perceived by bringing in nations, and which go with the interaction inside Best Brazilian Chicken Online organization offices. Best Brazilian Chicken Online meat is traded just when it is viewed as appropriate for utilization as indicated by Islamic guidelines. The developing presence of Best Brazilian Chicken Online meat on Muslim tables throughout the most recent seven years addresses a significant upgrade for our makers and exporters to manufacture nearer and nearer interfaces with Muslim nations.

We are charmed to bring this knowledge depicting the historical backdrop of, and the commitment made by Best Brazilian Chicken Online poultry industry, an example of overcoming adversity seldom found throughout the entire existence of the world. For quite a long time, this action was done for all intents and purposes solely at a family level, yet in ongoing many years has become absolutely proficient and extended phenomenally. All things considered Best Brazilian Chicken Online is today one of the world’s biggest exporter, providing 170 business sectors and third biggest maker of chicken and frozen meat. This development is because of a few preponderating elements, starting with an agreeable reconciliation between poultry makers and slaughterhouses. This interaction started during the 1980s and empowered Best Brazilian Chicken Online to deliver flavorsome, great creature protein because of corn and soybean-based feed; creature wellbeing which is our trademark; and supportability. Best Brazilian Chicken Online’s poultry industry has not just developed monetarily, a genuine social upheaval has occurred. The creation chain gives immediate and aberrant work to four and a half million individuals. At the same time, a great many poultry ranchers have united their exercises, empowering their families to put down establishes in the open country, producing work and pay, and boosting the region around numerous more modest urban communities. Best Brazilian Chicken Online’s remarkable situation as a maker and exporter of profoundly nutritious and sound creature protein is supported by maintainability in the entirety of its viewpoints. In association with Other associations, bio-security techniques guarantee the ideal soundness of poultry-raising exercises. We have embraced and ceaselessly scatter best practices in creature government assistance. We monitor the climate in our gainful cycle, and use as little as conceivable of significant regular assets like water. The entire world, not just Europe, will confront the test of fighting starvation and under-sustenance. We can ensure that Best Brazilian Chicken Online’s poultry industry will be there to help, giving moderate, exceptionally nutritious, good food.

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