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We provide accurate service, specified quality, clean packaging, and delivery on time. – Factory production, clean packaging, careful shipment of the goods to the transport ship, saving the transportation of the goods to the transportation site. Our entire frozen chicken is specifically slaughtered by Islam (HALAL) and international requirements.

All our goods are delivered to the delivery port through a complete customized approval policy, quality inspection and insurance policies are carried out on all insured goods. Partially

1. Frozen Chicken Whole

2. Frozen Chicken Feet

3. Frozen Chicken

4. Breast Frozen Chicken

5. Thigh Frozen Chicken

6. Stick Frozen Chicken

7. Drum Frozen Chicken

8. Wing Chicken Sauce

9. Chicken Liver Skinless

10. Chicken Slices

And all other chicken Partially detailed instructions:-Clean up. -No yellow skin. -No feathers. -No bad smell-No blood. – No bruises – No black pads. -No signs of deep wounds are carved. -No ammonia burns. -Bone breaking: less than 3%. – Water content: less than 1%. – Drainage: 0~-5℃ for 8 hours. – Explosion: -40°C. – Storage temperature: -18°C – 100% fresh and frozen.

Safe for human consumption. Storage, transportation and transportation system. Store in a cold room for early dispatch or freeze, and store as needed. Loaded in refrigerated pallets, each pallet contains 1MT/1000kg. Our packaging method protects the Products are protected from pollution, damage, moisture loss and microbial spoilage. According to customer requirements, product: processed grade “A” frozen chicken feet and claws

Quality: Grade A average weight: 40-60 g/piece average foot length: 12-18 Average weight of cm/piece of claw: 35 -60g/average length of piece of claw: 10 – 15 cm/piece size: 35-65g Specifications Appearance requirements: clean, no feathers, no smell, no blood, no black pad, no bruises, no Chemical burns, broken bones are less than 3%, moisture content is less than 1%. Chicken foot pads are retained without damage. Freezing requirements: Explosion frozen at -40°C and stored at -18°C For more details, please contact us for specific customers

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​Top 10 Main Export Market:

– Direct Chicken Export To China
– Direct Chicken Export To Hong Kong
– Direct Chicken Export To Canada
– Direct Chicken Export To Europe
– Direct Chicken Export To America
– Direct Chicken Export To Japan
– Direct Chicken Export To South Korea
– Direct Chicken Export To Thailand
– Direct Chicken Export To Singapor

Best Brazil Chicken Online treats its halal creation appropriately. Best Brazil Chicken Online halal butcher is a major buy necessity and totally integral to the business achievement of Best Brazil Chicken Online. “With-out halal butcher, there would be no arrangement. Best Brazil Chicken Online meat is valued everywhere on the Middle East and there could be no other chicken on the planet more qualified to the preferences and interests of their clients.”

ABEF addresses organizations sending out 94% of all Best Brazil Chicken Online sold abroad, and it has 33 part organizations of those, no under 30 utilize halal butcher methods. This comprises an upper hand for Best Brazil Chicken Online makers. Best Brazil Chicken Online’s poultry makers realize that Muslim customers are requesting: they give cautious consideration to the presence of the chicken (its tone, surface and consistency) and note the sterile and microbiological attributes of the item.

Best Brazil Chicken Online exporters are very much aware of this. Throughout 30 years offering to the Middle East and rest of the world, they have created explicit items for a wide assortment of Muslim business sectors. At the outset, they sold the locale simply entire frozen chickens, however later began selling unique cuts and prepared meat. Today, as indicated by the chief of Prime Foods, 90% of meat traded to Arab markets is as entire chickens, known as grillers, weighing somewhere in the range of 0.9 and 1.3 kilos and butchered after roughly 29 days. This is more youthful and obviously more modest than the customary entire chicken, which weighs around 2 kilos and butchered at 45 days, that is devoured in different pieces of the world.

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